Inventors Association of CT

Please direct your e-mail inquiries about IACT to our President, Doug Lyon.

He can also be reached by phone at

Checks are payable to: IACT
and are to be sent to:

c/o Douglas Lyon
521 Popes Island Rd.
Milford, CT 06461

(IACT meetings are never held at this address)

Board Members

President- Dr. Douglas Lyon
Vice President - John Crowley
Speaker Chair - Mike Blake
Treasurer - Dr. Crowley
Membership Chair – Bill Ryan
Public Relations – John Yankovich
Chief Marketing Officer - Bonnie J. McLoud
Presidents Emeritus - Mary Ellroy, Bob Distinti, John Ruhnke, Frank Posluszny, Pal Asija, Larry Levine, David Fink, Joe Blake, Tom Sloane, Jim Richardson, Murray Schiffman

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