Directions to Fairfield University

From the North

- take exit 22 (N Benson Rd)
- take right onto Benson Road
- go to section below "On Benson Road"  

From the South
- take exit 22 (Round Hill Road – Fairfield University)
    Note: The Exit ramp swings around the rest stop (McDonalds)
- at end of exit ramp go straight, this will connect you with Benson Road
- at next light/intersection, take left onto Benson Road.
- go to section below "On Benson Road"  
On Benson Road: (Don’t get confused with Bronson Road) Going north on Benson Road
you will pass through a couple of traffic lights. The main entrance to Fairfield University
is on the left just after a large building. The main entrance has a large "Fairfield University" sign.
Enter the main entrance. Read the "Parking" section below, then select your destination
on campus (Library or McAuliffe Hall link) and proceed.

Parking on campus is restricted. Ticket penalty fine is $50.
If you get a ticket, contact Doug Lyon lyon@docjava.com and he will work with you to try to get it waived.

TO AVOID TICKETS, join IACT. You will get a window decal! Campus Security has agreed to give
the IACT decal consideration before giving a ticket.
However, you MUST NOT park outside of the designated zones listed below.

Be careful not to park in front of townhomes (the residental areas).

Go to the proper place on campus!

We switch rooms, from time, to time, and people have been known to
go to the wrong room!


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- Directions to Archie Moore's (our sometime after-meeting hang-out)

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